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Situational leadership

Situational leadership is a concept developed by Prof. Paul Hersey and Dr. Kenneth Blanchard. This theory is easy to understand and use as a practical method, which makes it highly relevant and attractive. It gives leaders the opportunity to assess situations where leadership is required and, more importantly, choose the appropriate and ideal behavior and leadership style in any given situation.

The concept can be easily integrated as a module into development programs, but it can also be used as the central aspect of leadership trainings. It also features a questionnaire on self-reflection about an individual's leadership styles, including their personal (dominant) leadership style.
Possible focus areas:

Module 1: Leadership styles

  • What does 'leadership style' mean and which leadership styles exist?
  • How do I determine the 'maturity level' of my employees in different situations?
  • Which leadership style should I apply and when, depending on the situation and the person I am dealing with?
  • What is my 'dominant leadership style' and how do I manage to apply other styles as well?

Module 2: Situational leadership in appraisals

  • How can I promote targeted development of a person based on 'maturity levels'?
  • What is appropriate situational leadership when giving feedback (positive and negative)?
  • What do I have to consider when delegating tasks?
  • How can I say 'no' effectively?
  • How do I carry out annual appraisals?

Module 3: Change management and conflict

  • How do people respond to change and how can I, as their leader, support and promote them?
  • Which leadership styles are most likely to succeed during the individual stages of change?
  • What are different kinds of conflict and how do I recognize them?
  • How can I resolve different kinds of conflict?
  • How can leadership styles help me to manage and resolve conflict?
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